New Product Introduction

Whether received as a new build to print enquiry or designed in-house, every new product to be manufactured by NHT will be reviewed by a cross-functional, product delivery, team, as part of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process within the organisation.

The NHT product delivery team will comprise representatives from all major departments, including Design / Engineering, Production (SMT & Manual assembly), Quality, Production management who will meet to review a new product and assign responsibilities for product implementation

The product delivery team will review and process the Bills of Material, Gerbers, drawings, software etc and create a standard manufacturing build pack and enter product data onto the business management IT systems.

The product delivery team will action their assigned responsibilities to provide a comprehensive manufacture process pack from material kitting through SMT placement programming & reflow profiling to finished product testing and packing requirements. NHT will use this documented process to highlight any quality improvements to the material specifications, assembly and test process for the product

NHT schedule a First Article Inspection (FAI) stage for all new product ensuring that any identified issues are reported, via a feedback loop, to the customer and NPI team. Thus, any issues with the supplied data and/or the manufacturability of the product are fed back to the customer to ensure that volume manufacturing will only commence once a clean data pack has been determined, and there is 100% guarantee of successful production of the PCB assembly

nht - the total electronics supplier partner 4
nht - the total electronics supplier partner

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

NHT Electronics’ multi-talented procurement team has, through effective supply chain management, established long-term purchasing agreements with many of the major electronic component distributors. This ensures the most competitive pricing from NHT’s broad supply base and enables full component traceability where required.

From PCBs to LEDS, from Op Amps to FPGA’s, NHT offer a cost effective procurement solution for all components for all customers.

These purchasing agreements enable NHT to have component stock readily available; either on site or through the managed supply chain, ensuring rapid response to increases or decreases in individual customer requirements, thus enabling them to benefit from sudden upturns in demand.

Our dedicated purchasing professionals, ably supported by specialised procurement engineers, have developed close working relationships with all our major suppliers. These relationships are of great benefit to our customers and, not only, ensure the best price, highest quality and excellent delivery performance but, also, enables early notification of pending component obsolescence. In the event of a component being withdrawn by a manufacturer, the NHT team will, determine last time buy opportunities, provide a list of well researched and suitable alternatives to our customers ensuring that the amount of time that customer design teams are engaged in rapid component research is minimised, thus releasing them to be more effectively deployed in designing the next generation of product.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

NHT offers a comprehensive range of printed circuit board assembly solutions – please see detailed list below. Unlike many others, we still offer both automated surface mount PCA and manual through hole PCA.

We continue to invest heavily in automated assembly equipment and lean manufacturing processes to ensure we minimise waste and work-in-progress (WIP), and maximise quality output for our customers.

PCB assembly equipment

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment capable of low to medium-high volume, high mix PCB assembly.
  • Currently four high spec interchangeable Europlacer SMT lines with 0201 to µBGA SMT placement capability
  • Convection hot Air & Vapour phase technology reflow systems.
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Dedicated conventional 'through-hole' PCB assembly
  • Automated “wave” solder process equipment
  • 'Clean' and 'No Clean' PCB assembly processes available
  • In-circuit test utilising IFR test technology
  • In-house designed analogue, digital, RF and other functional test equipment. Use of National Instruments Lab View software tools.
  • Workmanship qualified to IPC-A-610 Class 2 or 3 as required
  • In-house automated conformal coating, potting and encapsulation facilities
  • Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) systems
  • PCB assembly warranty and product refurbishment service

nht - the total electronics supplier partner 4
nht - the total electronics supplier partner

Printed Circuit Board Test Solutions

We offer a full range of test facilities, covering Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), ATE in-circuit testing equipment and bespoke functional test platforms.

Our partnership with customers and suppliers allows our design, manufacturing and test disciplines to work in unison, to ensure your products are designed at the outset to incorporate the most appropriate cost-effective test strategy.

Often we see products designed independently of the ultimate manufacturing destination and product test is compromised because nobody takes complete ownership. At NHT the design of the test platform starts at the same time as the circuit design, ensuring this does not happen.

We have both electronic design and production-engineering departments who design, build and specify test platforms and have all the necessary hardware and software skills to ensure your products are suitably tested and leave our factory defect-free.

Warranty, Repair & End of Life Support

We offer life-time product support and operate a full return warranty and repair service in the unlikely event a product is damaged or fails within the warranty period.

We value our relationships with both suppliers and customers, and continue to lend support long after product launch, servicing some products which have been in use for over 20 years.

nht - the total electronics supplier partner 4
nht - the total electronics supplier partner

Fullfillment (dispatch direct to end customer)

NHT have a wealth of experience in delivering a complete service package to the customer and offer an innovative approach to order fulfilment.

NHT take customer satisfaction very seriously and have developed a range of services which ensure customer expectations are exceeded.

Once in receipt of long-term agreements with customers, NHT take steps to secure component supply by negotiating long term contracts with key suppliers enabling stocks to be called off at short notice from supplier hubs, or to be held locally within NHT storage facilities. The ready supply of material is supplemented by a willingness to hold finished goods stock of complete PCBAs, sub and final assemblies ready to ship at short notice to meet customer demand.

Conformal Coating, Potting & Encapsulation

Conformal coating can protect the operational integrity of the printed circuit board assembly, especially where high reliability or exposure to harsh operating environments typical of aerospace, defence, medical, industrial and automotive applications are to be experienced.
NHT is able to offer three methods of applying conformal coating providing a solution that is right for your product.

  • Dip coating which provides a fully encapsulated waterproof finish
  • Manual brush coating
  • Selective, automatic machine coating, where high throughput, accuracy and process repeatability are required. Our investment in the latest PVA delta 6 conformal coating dispense machine provides the latest application technology for this process.
nht - the total electronics supplier partner 4
nht - the total electronics supplier partner

System Assembly & Full Product Build Services

As a low to medium volume, high mix electronics manufacturer, NHT electronics provides full system integration solution to meet the assembly needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s)

As well as comprehensive printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) capabilities, NHT electronics provides end-to-end solutions through full systems assembly and box build services.

Increasingly, customers are turning to NHT to provide turn-key integrated manufacture solutions, which can include final customer packaging, labelling and dispatch to the end customer.

NHT is committed to providing its customers with systems integration services beyond electronics assembly.

Learn more about what NHT Electronics can do for you and the true meaning of business partnership we have everything you need – all under one roof.

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Procurement & Supply Chain

Our procurement team has, through effective supply chain management, established long-term purchasing agreements with many of the major electronic component distributors
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PCB Assembly

We offer a comprehensive range of printed circuit board assembly solutions including both automated surface mount PCA and manual through hole PCA
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